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Breathe your way back home into your wholeness.

My Story

Rebirthing Breathwork changed my life. I signed up  a six week rebirthing course, not really knowing much about it, and was blown way by the epic transformation that happened in just six weeks. This practice has been a regular part of my own growth since. I knew I wanted to offer this tool to others as it's impacted my own life so much and liberated me. Here are some specific ways rebirthing helped me personally:

Shadow integration & self-acceptance

My breathwork practice allowed me to identify areas where I was stuck and the self-limiting beliefs imposed on me that kept me from truly accepting myself and stepping into my wholeness. I've been able to fully love all parts of me and recognise my pain as a platform of strength. I've been able to stop throwing stones at myself. 

Emotional & physical release

Through breathing I've been able to release wounds from old hurts and stored tension and pain the mind, heart, and body. I've cultivated states of deep bliss through this breathing practice.

Anxiety and depression

I began to understand where the anxiety had come from in the first place and detach from the label of myself as an anxious person and as I released the second arrow of shame around these conditions, they began to heal on levels I have never experienced.

Trauma healing

I was able to heal myself from painful scars of sexual assault and illuminate what I once thought I could never speak of or share. What I thought had to stay in the shadows forever. I released shame, blame, and anger. I changed my narrative detached from my identity as a victim to a warrior of love.

Empowerment into my purpose

My breathwork practice allowed me to connect deeply into my heart, and gave my soul wings to fly. I resigned from my stable career and role and moved with faith and trust into the unknown. I became certain about my vision and purpose. I stopped limiting my dreams, and it feels incredible to be doing what I love with my life!

What is Rebirthing Breathwork?

Rebirthing Breathwork is a type of conscious connected energy breathing that is a gateway for accessing the subconscious. Through this dynamic, yet gentle breathing, the brain-state can shift from the usual beta state and drop into states of alpha and theta where the subconscious can be accessed and deep healing becomes possible. 

Is it for me?

This powerful tool is for anyone is committed to their healing and growth. It is for people who want to make long term impacts and breakthroughs. It's for the person who is stuck in an old pattern of shame. It is for the person who is depressed. It's for the person struggling with anxiety. It's for anyone who is ready to release and step into their wholeness. 

Benefits of Rebirthing Breathwork

  • Moving energy blockages

  • Managing depression

  • Coping with anxiety

  • Healing emotional blockages

  • Balancing nervous system

  • Improving breathing for diving

  • Managing stress

  • Self-acceptance & self-love

  • Managing fear

  • Managing insomnia

  • Shadow integration

  • Healing trauma

  • Transformative journey

  • Increasing clarity

  • Forgiving & letting go

  • Connecting with purpose

  • Meeting spirit guides

  • Connecting with past lives

  • Psychedelic Visions

  • Connecting to source & the divine

How is a session structured?

A typical Rebirthing session is two hours per session. The session includes a check-in and discussion about intentions, breathwork, and a closing discussion. A typical session might be structured as follows, however sessions will be tailored to clients needs and leave room to go with the flow. Sample structure for a session:

  • Discovery call and pre-session questionnaire (prior to session)

  • 15-30 minute check-in

  • 60 minute guided breathwork practice

  • 15-30 minute closing discussion and support

How many sessions should I book?

Sessions rates are packaged per session or packaged in groups of 10. A 10 session journey is the traditional amount of sessions recommended by the father of rebirthing, Leonard Orr. A commitment to 10 sessions will allow you the space to see life-long changes and empower you.

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