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Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer, & Breathwork Facilitator


Hello, so glad you've arrived.

I'm a Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer, Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator, and Ceremonialist. I offer movement, breath, meditation, and sound practices to help you feel nourished, connected, and empowered in your wholeness and belonging. I offer epic community events to help you connect and celebrate what it is to be alive and to surf the waves of existence.

"You can breathe out more in one hour than you can in a year of therapy."

Breathwork changed my life. I signed up for a six week Rebirthing Breathwork course, not knowing much about it, and was blown way by the epic transformation that happened in just six weeks. I combine different modalities of breathwork to help you learn to breathe  your own medicine.

Are you ready to shed what's holding you back? To release stuck pain? Are you ready to awaken your dormant self and step into your full power?

Elevate your vibe, connect with your tribe.

Our programs are themed around healing, awakening your dreams, and empowerment to live your best life. Our events are centred around community connections through cyclical living, conscious rituals, and raising the vibrations of the collective.

We offer holistic boutique and luxury retreats in incredible locations. Visit Udaya Retreats website for details on upcoming retreats or festivals, and check out Alive Tribe to find out about our next Minifest. 

Personalise your own experience, workshop or party.

I offer Breathwork Journeys, Sound Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Moon Ceremonies, Short Courses, and Mindfulness Workshops. I create individual programs to cater to your diverse needs and unique journeys.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas, and let's co-create some magic together! I love designing personal programs that leave you feeling light, connected, and free.

Destiny's 7 week course, The Call, was so divinely tailored to the needs of the group, working through the charka system and bringing deep awareness into each of the corresponding aspects of life aligned with these. Destiny always held such a safe space to be unapologetically ourselves and open into areas locked down so deeply that I didn’t even know I had hiding away. The array of different techniques Destiny uses including meditation, movement, sound healing and breath work, have given me the tools to take forward into my each and everyday. 


After a small glimpse into the power of rebirthing breath work during the call, I chose to dive deeper into this practice with 1:1 sessions with Destiny. Breathing with the guidance of Destiny, was one of my most expansive practices yet. She held space for me to heal myself, through my own breath, allowing me to really feel into my body and it’s needs. By my third session breathing, it was less of a task to get into the rhythm of the breath, but my body just breathed me. In this space, I was able to connect with my guardians, spirit guides and my true self, answering questions that lingered in my mind. Learning the powerful practice of conscious breathing is something I will be forever grateful to have had Destiny guide me through.

Keely Owen, Registered Nurse NSW

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