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Learn how to harness the TRUE, raw magnetic power of the divine feminine!


Through this 4-week online course, we will reclaim and embody the divine feminine by journeying through the goddess archetype and her varying characteristics.


Goddess of wisdom, creativity, arts, and music.


Goddess of abundance, beauty, forgiveness, and unconditional love

Week 3: DURGA

Goddess of strength, courage, and protection.

Week 4: KALI

Mother of peace in the polarity. Fierce love, wild woman, leading from love.

What’s included:

  • Mala beads from Samyama - sourced from India blessed by the ganga with unique crystals. 

  • Weekly 2.5 Hour live Zoom gatherings 

  • Closed Facebook Group

  • Weekly Goddess themed embodied explorations

  • Weekly Goddess Kriyas and Breathwork

  • Weekly Wisdom talks

  • Weekly Guided Meditations

  • Weekly Embodied Yogic Flows, Yin

  • Weekly Goddess Dance

  • Weekly Mantra chanting 

  • Weekly Journal prompts 

  • Weekly creative expression tasks

  • Weekly Spotify Playlist 

  • One New Moon & Full Moon ceremony

  • Opportunity to work one on one with Veda or Destiny or both.

No upcoming events at the moment

I met the beautiful Destiny Wolf at Bottanix Yoga studio where I have been practicing Yoga regularly this year. The moment I took her first class I felt an instant connection to her, her vibes, her way of teaching, her kind soul, and her words of encouragement, it was so unique and I was pleasantly surprised when she sang with her ukulele during Shavasana. It was such a treat. I also love the way she talks about Yoga philosophy in her classes. It gives a little more meaning each time and I love learning little snippets as we go.

Lesley Anne-Knowles

I have had the pleasure of being a regular student in Destiny’s yoga classes for the past few months now, and every time, I walk away feeling powerful, elated and connected. 
With Destiny’s knowledge and guidance, I am able to really listen deeply to my body, to move freely and to reach my full potential. Destiny’s ability to use an array of instruments during relaxation, always transcends me to a beautiful place. 
I can’t thank Destiny enough for the life changing positive impact, that her beautiful soul has had on mine.

Keely Owen

I have absolutely no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Destiny and each of the practices she offers.

I've attended Destiny's yoga & sound healing classes and she is an exceptional teacher.

She embodies everything she does with such wisdom, authenticity & love that I always leave with a heart full of gratitude and  a smile on my face.

I have also worked with Destiny at Meditation , Sound healing & Breathwork Events and can also guarantee she is professional and a pleasure to work with - knowing you have total confidence & can rely on another practitioner is priceless.

Tanya McMillan, Mongrel Spirit Pty Ltd

I've been doing Destiny's yoga classes for some weeks and absolutely love her.  She obviously puts a lot of thought into her classes as they are always varied and very enjoyable (also enjoyably challenging!!)  She is very encouraging and helpful, and is extremely well liked by all the students.

Destiny's holistic yogic philosophy brings a freshness and lightness to her classes, and her generosity of spirit shines through.  How lucky we are to be blessed with either singing bowl healing and meditation, or her percussion playing, or her own beautiful voice and guitar playing, during savasana!!! 

Destiny has a big generous heart and I'm hoping to attend her yoga/meditation retreat later this year as I know I will gain a lot and it will be a wonderful experience.

Rhonda Livingston

I’ve done yoga with Destiny for few months now and I can say that as an experienced and yoga lover , and by trying many classes and many teachers around Eastern Suburbs , Destiny  is one of the best teacher .. I love her yoga flow , the way she teaches her classes , the passion she shows , the energy I feel when I’m around her and also the way she’s trying to help around the class with yoga poses …and one of the special thing about her class and one of my favorite I‘ve never seen in any yoga class is the last part of the class when she is singing and playing , it’s just beautiful , it’s a good way to end the class and recharge with good and positive energy , I really feel so much fulfilled when I finish her class and also I enjoy so much that it  feels too fast , her classes should last at least 2 hours 
I really recommend Destiny , her class always feels very thoughtful and I love the way that she weave yoga philosophy into each class.
Thank you Destiny

Andrea Bota

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