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"I can see that working with Destiny unblocked the love and creativity within me for which I am eternally grateful. She is a dream to work with - the perfect mix of passion and warmth, inviting us to lead our spiritual and material lives in harmony. "

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Rebirthing Breathwork with Destiny has been absolutely monumental in my healing. Every session is so different, but it’s always extremely potent and exactly what I need. I have healed so many deep wounds while Destiny holds such a beautiful, safe space. It’s been a huge part in overcoming my addictions and coming back to myself. The breath always connects me to my inner guru, and the self love and trust I have gained through these sessions have been priceless. Destiny has the most pure, angelic presence and I always felt extremely seen, held and supported. She’s my Earth Angel and I am forever grateful the Universe brought her to me. Highly recommend rebirthing breathwork to anyone who wants to transform and evolve - there’s no doubt this will only enhance your healing journey.

Jourdi Bleu, Empowerment Coach & Mindfulness Mentor

Committing to Destiny Wolf's program "The Call" has been a major turning point for me, a journey of awakening. Its impact on my life has been so profound that I liken working with Destiny to the film Sliding Doors! Part of Destiny's power is her talent for embracing a wide range of modalities, from breath-work to yoga & chakras, cyclical living, meditation, creativity, sound healing, daily rituals and surrendering to the elemental forces of nature and the universe. She is a dream to work with - the perfect mix of passion and warmth, inviting us to lead our spiritual and material lives in harmony. In retrospect I can see that working with Destiny unblocked the love and creativity within me for which I am eternally grateful.

Will S

I have absolutely no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Destiny and each of the practices she offers. I've attended Destiny's yoga & sound healing classes and she is an exceptional teacher. She embodies everything she does with such wisdom, authenticity & love that I always leave with a heart full of gratitude and  a smile on my face. I have also worked with Destiny at Meditation , Sound healing & Breathwork Events and can also guarantee she is professional and a pleasure to work with - knowing you have total confidence & can rely on another practitioner is priceless.

Tanya McMillan, Mongrel Spirit Pty Ltd

I’ve done yoga with Destiny for few months now and I can say that as an experienced and yoga lover , and by trying many classes and many teachers around Eastern Suburbs , Destiny  is one of the best teacher .. I love her yoga flow , the way she teaches her classes , the passion she shows , the energy I feel when I’m around her and also the way she’s trying to help around the class with yoga poses …and one of the special thing about her class and one of my favorite I‘ve never seen in any yoga class is the last part of the class when she is singing and playing , it’s just beautiful , it’s a good way to end the class and recharge with good and positive energy , I really feel so much fulfilled when I finish her class and also I enjoy so much that it  feels too fast , her classes should last at least 2 hours 
I really recommend Destiny , her class always feels very thoughtful and I love the way that she weave yoga philosophy into each class.
Thank you Destiny

Andreea Bota, Sydney

Destiny is always an absolute pleasure. I invited her to join the Yogarama team during COVID where she offered creative on-line classes and now she teaches one of Yogarama's signature sunrise classes in our blissful outdoor yoga shala space by the ocean in Coogees Wylie's baths . She offers her beautiful free-flowing energy in every yoga classes and always includes a delightful musical touch at the end of class - singing bowls, ukulele and singing..Truly grateful to be working with you Destiny.  Namaste

Daniella Goldberg PhD
Yogarama Retreats

I met Destiny when she was teaching yoga at my gym 6 months ago. From the very first class, I was spellbound and transformed from the class and felt an instant connection with Destiny as a great teacher.  I have been practising Yoga for 15 years and am very fussy with my teachers. I believe yoga is a complete workout of the mind, body and soul and for this you need to connect with your teacher. The first time Destiny sang during savasana, I cried with gratitude and joy. It was a beautiful way to end the class. I love that every yoga class with Destiny is a great physical workout but is also a lovely meditative journey that re charges me each class, I wish I could do more!  Destiny is encouraging, supportive and pushes you to do your best. I would highly recommend Destiny. 

Jules Le Poer Trench

I've been doing Destiny's yoga classes for some weeks and absolutely love her.  She obviously puts a lot of thought into her classes as they are always varied and very enjoyable (also enjoyably challenging!!)  She is very encouraging and helpful, and is extremely well liked by all the students. Destiny's holistic yogic philosophy brings a freshness and lightness to her classes, and her generosity of spirit shines through.  How lucky we are to be blessed with either singing bowl healing and meditation, or her percussion playing, or her own beautiful voice and guitar playing, during savasana!!!  Destiny has a big generous heart and I'm hoping to attend her yoga/meditation retreat later this year as I know I will gain a lot and it will be a wonderful experience.

Rhonda Livingston, Coogee

I adore Destiny's classes and always feel so light and calm afterwards. The classes are always a beautiful mix of soft and strong, exploring poses more deeply and also the philosophies behind them. Destiny offers the perfect amount of adjustments and I learn something new at each class even though I've been practicing yoga for many years.

Kady O'Connell, Sydney

I met the beautiful Destiny Wolf at Bottanix Yoga studio where I have been practicing Yoga regularly this year. The moment I took her first class I felt an instant connection to her, her vibes, her way of teaching, her kind soul, and her words of encouragement, it was so unique and I was pleasantly surprised when she sang with her ukulele during Shavasana. It was such a treat. I also love the way she talks about Yoga philosophy in her classes. It gives a little more meaning each time and I love learning little snippets as we go. 


I really enjoy attending her classes each week and on occasion I go to her Sunrise classes in Coogee.  I have also attended a couple of her Sound Healing offerings which have been incredible, you leave feeling completely relaxed and deeply connected to yourself, the first one I attended my guides sent me messages and it was quite a profound feeling! I had only tried breath work once before and I have to say it’s an amazing tool and with Destiny’s guidance you feel completely at ease.



I have no hesitation recommending working with Destiny, she is a true gentle Yogi, full of love, light, passion, music, always open to a friendly chat and guidance, it’s the first time I have felt such a connection to my Yogi Community and Destiny is part of that. 

Lesley-Anne Knowles

Destiny's 7 week course, The Call, was so divinely tailored to the needs of the group, working through the charka system and bringing deep awareness into each of the corresponding aspects of life aligned with these. Destiny always held such a safe space to be unapologetically ourselves and open into areas locked down so deeply that I didn’t even know I had hiding away. The array of different techniques Destiny uses including meditation, movement, sound healing and breath work, have given me the tools to take forward into my each and everyday. 


After a small glimpse into the power of rebirthing breath work during the call, I chose to dive deeper into this practice with 1:1 sessions with Destiny. Breathing with the guidance of Destiny, was one of my most expansive practices yet. She held space for me to heal myself, through my own breath, allowing me to really feel into my body and it’s needs. By my third session breathing, it was less of a task to get into the rhythm of the breath, but my body just breathed me. In this space, I was able to connect with my guardians, spirit guides and my true self, answering questions that lingered in my mind. Learning the powerful practice of conscious breathing is something I will be forever grateful to have had Destiny guide me through.

Keely Owen, Registered Nurse NSW

Destiny is a soulful heart-based therapist that offers spiritual healing, sound healing, yoga and transformation. After my mum died she offered me a beautiful sound healing session where she sang and brought comfort and light to my soul. I am truly grateful for her support and gits for humanity.

Zoe Miracle, Bridging Women's Worlds Sydney

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