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I am a yoga and meditation teacher, breathwork facilitator,  sound healer, and ceremonialist as well as a certified Secondary Education English Teacher. I am here to help you wake up to who you really are. I mean the real you, the one that exists beneath the ego spacesuit. I’m here to help you activate your dormant self and step into your power and your purpose. 

I create spaces for people to wake up from the trance of old belief systems and step into the wholeness of who we are. Through embodied movement and awareness we learn how to bring the mind, body, and spirit into alignment. Through embodied awareness we activate the higher mind and live a more purposeful life from our true natures. Through sound healing and breathwork we access alpha and theta brain wave states to traverse the terrain of the subconscious. As we unlock the subconscious we gain insight into where we are stuck. We have the power to shift our stuck stories, illuminate the shadow self, and love ourselves into healing. My desire is to help us fully step into our belonging and be liberated to be ourselves with compassion and confidence. 

Anahata, the heart chakra, in Sanskrit means unhurt, unstruck, unbeatean. You have the power to heal, and you are your own best healer. 

I am committed to my own wholeness and belonging journey. I’ve been led to facilitate these embodied practices as they have dynamically shifted my life. My childhood perfectionist nature along with traumas as a young adult, transpired into crippling anxiety and depression in my early 20’s. After surviving multiple sexual assault incidents, I detached from my body and lost my voice.  I began to arrive back into my body through meditation and yoga, and I was able to turn away from addictive coping patterns and come back home to my heart. I freed myself from the cage of shame through holistic practices, and I am committed to the path of liberation through fully awakening into the heart to experience life to the fullest. I am a warrior of Love. 

Honouring my lineage
My heartfelt gratitude extends to these incredible souls I've been fortunate to learn from:
Nicole Walsh, Duncan Peak, Shivea Rea, Seane Korn, Lara Zilibowitz, Ari Levanael, Ram Dass, Matt Ringrose, Thom Knowles, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Leonard Orr, Karina Kallilah

Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether

My biggest inspiration comes from the footsteps I've taken in the infinite pockets of this beautiful home, Earth, and the healing I've witnessed in my own life from the divine powers of nature's elemental alchemy.

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